About Me

Hi! My Name is Lukas Mosser!
I’m from Innsbruck, Austria. I’m 18 years old.
My Hobbies are IT Software Development, playing the piano and the viola, doing stuff nobody thought about yet and so on…

I’m currently in High School, only this year left *pfeww’*…. if u got questions just write me an email or add me on msn ^^



2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. 🙂

  2. Hey, My name is Ben Storr, if I am not mistaken, you and I used to attend school together at Lake Ridge Academy before you moved to Austria, I got bored and remembered you so I thought to look you up on Google heh, well it seems like you are doing well! Do you have aol instant messenger? I have a screen name on that IM service. Well take care and I hope you reply! If this isn’t the Lukas Mosser I went to school with then I am sorry for bothering you.

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