Projects Update

Ok I’ve been pretty busy in the meantime!

First of all, I’ve been working alot with linux lately, and alot of mac aswell, and the obligatory windows, for gaming purposes. 😀
I just wanna do a short summary of the projects I’ve been working on lately.

The newest project I’ve done was trying to get the Interceptor to work on a WRT54G, a common Wireless router.
The Interceptor is a tool made by Robin Wood (check out his page at which sniffes packets over a network and encrypts them and sends them via wireless network and vpn to your pc or laptop or whatever.
A great tool that can be used for many purposes!
Originally it was made for the Fon though. I’ll keep you updated on the progress I’m making in compiling it for the Linksys Router.

A second project I’m now working on is getting the Midi Protocol to work over Ethernet. I know there are some tools outthere but most of them cost money or are hard to understand.

Which brings me to my third project which is making more music with my synthesizers and getting my 24″ iMac running Logic Studio to work. My old Audio Interface Card MAudio Firewire 410 killed the firewireport on my macbook and on the brand new iMac. That Sucks. Yeah. So off to repair it is! But shall be back until monday.
Then I can finally fire up my Saffire Pro Audio Interface for absolute Music Making Mayhem!!!

Muaha ^_^

So I’ll keep yall updated!


~ by lukasmosser on May 29, 2009.

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