Ok, so last time I wrote a post I was still working on FETA. Well since I stopped working on FETA because of my limited knowledge in trying to write the code in java and some brainstorming on it’s usability, I ‘ve been writing some other programs.

A Portfolio program, a ceasar chiffre, and as I wrote the ceasar chiffre I got into the Encryption stuff again.

What I came up with was Forgery.

What it does is, it’s actually not a encryption program with everyone having his own key but there is an algorithm that serves all.
The goal was not to make a damn hard to break cypher but something that hides the clear text.

It’s some real quick code and I’m currently working in the decyphering part and the menu. So wrapping it all, ready to ship. I will release this code this time.

Ok to explain how Forgery works:
Step1: The cleartext is turned into a ascii, then into binary value.
Step2: The binary string is then split up into 2 bit piecelets.
Step3: The 2-bit pieces are split up in 3-bit pieces.
Step4: Now the real Algorithm starts working.

3 of these 3-bit pieces (a,b,c) are taken and then 3 calculations are made(results are d,e,f).

d = a+b-c
e = a+c-b
f = b+c-a

The three results (3-bit) are squared so negative numbers come up.

Step4: Put all pieces together again. Split up into 7 bit pieces and turn back to ascii and cleartext.

The results are completley different.
Interesting is that the use of capital and lower case letters changes the result completley.

Ok that’s all for now. I’ll release some code these days!



~ by lukasmosser on December 23, 2008.

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