Mysql?…..out Arrays?…In! :D

Woah here comes an update on the dev of FETA!
Alot has been done! I’ve changed the complete Algorithm structure from working with mysql tables to arrays.
At the same time I’ve already implemented a simple encryption for a Text… and it’s working pretty good!
Now but something I’ve encountered and I’m having a problem is the decryption or well let’s say malicious decryption.
What I found out is… If you have your alphabet with 26 letters on the top in the form of Iterations So we have:

A B C D E F G and so on
Then the Iterations will Just be wandering.
If u have an A first then the next A after the first will have the iteration of B. I think that’s a bit of a problem because even If I encode the 3 Letters CBA they will all have the same Iteration but that also tells me hey these three letters are next to each other.

It gives me a bit of a headache….

Hmm well I’m working on it…


~ by lukasmosser on January 4, 2008.

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