Getting down to business

Well here’s another round of Feta 😀
Spent a couple of hours yesterday on getting my ideas into a design piece. After having finished I started doing some coding. The Language I chose to use is Java, because it’s the only one I can code in except for php html and javascript, which would all be unsuitable for this project.

Some of the Problems I ran to was a rounding problem in Java. Because the values I got from the Iterations quickly exceeded the available Variable area and numbers were just getting too big, I have to work with rounded values. I searched for a couple different ways to solve the problem and only found one that really works but only till 5 digits behind the comma. I want to find a possibility to make it possible with more than 5 digits because it would make the code more secure, and the repeating numbers wouldn’t occur that often.

Another thing I decided to do was to work with a database in the background rather than using huge arrays. Just so you can imagine, the code right now produces to let’s say encrpyt a text with 310000 characters about 81 million Iterations of our function. The calculation takes about 3 minutes right now. Which I think is ok.

So what’s next… I’m working on a program that implements the Idea of FETA. But I’m going to make it OpenSource and probably release it under the Creative Commons Licencse because I want it to be accesible to everyone that also wants to share with everyone. Well that’s pretty much everything for now. Keep in touch. Maybe next time I can already show you some encrypted stuff! 😀



~ by lukasmosser on January 3, 2008.

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