Day 1: The Spark

Ok….no I’m not gonna be talking about goat cheese. FETA stand’s for Fractal Encrpytion for Text’s Algorithm.
Fractal’s? What are Fractal’s? Well They are one of the most complex mathmatical structures known. Based on Complex numbers and Iterations of Function’s.

OK so what’s that mean now…. Some night a couple of days ago, before christmas, I was working with my Presentations about Fractals for my Math’s Lesson’s when I grabbed my notebook lying around here and found my 4 pages containing my own Version of Vignère’s Cypher. When I had an Idea….

Why not use Fractals to Cypher messages. Hmmm I thought, that could actually work and it might even be good! 😀
Well what happened then was endless clicking wheels in my head thinking about how to actually realize this project.

I got my notebook and did a few sketches, got out my math’s book about complex numbers and started working on it. Writing no code just mainly Idea’s
I’m currently already a bit further in my work than I am with my Blog posts so I will actually tell you more in my second post about some of the Code I’ve made and why I think this might work and maybe some of you crypto’s out there can give me hints on if they think it’s a good Idea or one that has already been realized ^^ and I just don’t know of it..

Thanks for Reading and Cya soon!


~ by lukasmosser on January 2, 2008.

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